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International Training Course in Educational Yoga

Is there an internship?

Yes, both in presence and online; held by professional Educational Yoga trainers and instructors.

Is it possible to use the Teacher Card Bonus?

Yes, the course is one of those for which the Teacher Card Bonus can be used. Many students have made use of this possibility in past editions.

How many hours are the lessons?

The total lesson hours (between theoretical and practical lessons) is 200 hours.

Is there a calendar with dates and times of the lessons?

The calendar is already drawn up and consists of 7 weekends from October '22 to June' 23. It will be provided directly by the representatives of each location.

Is there a final verification test?

Yes: the final test consists of a final paper of max 25 pages based on the experience of Educational Yoga lessons that the student will be accompanied to carry out during the course in their own context.

If seeing the dates, I immediately understand that I can not participate in a weekend how can I do?

You can recover in another location with the date you prefer, the following year or in the summer intensive courses.

If covid restrictions return and I could not participate due to non-vaccination, how can I do?

In recent years we have always managed to find a solution by adapting to the legislation but also respecting personal choices.

Is a preparation in Yoga necessary to be able to do the course?

No need, but during the course we highly recommend practicing yoga weekly with us or elsewhere.

Is it possible to go off course?

The course would be completed within the following year by following the weekend or the day that could not be followed or by presenting the thesis.

Are there any online services included in the course?

Of course, the following online services are included:

1. Practice Okido Yoga weekly with instructor
2. Cultural Tuesdays
3. Networking
4. Online internships with professional instructor
5. Meetings with various experts and teachers

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