8th International Training Course in Educational Yoga

9th International Training Course in Educational Yoga

The Educational Yoga Course recognized by the Ministry of Education, University and Research.

The Educational Yoga Course recognized by the Ministry of Education, University and Research.

Lutago, Valle Aurina

A magical location surrounded by nature to learn Educational Yoga in the best way.

From 7 to 14 July

The course is full time and has a duration of 7 days in which you learn the most innovative techniques of Educational Yoga.

Internship included

In addition to frontal and interactive lessons, there are also workshops and internships with children and teenagers.

Who is it for?

The courses are aimed at teachers of all subjects order and degree; parents; pedagogues, psychologists, educators, yoga teachers, social and health workers, parents and undergraduates in Psychology, Biomedicine, Motor Sciences and Training. The courses are also aimed at professionals in the holistic sector.


The course trains a new professional figure, with specific and practical knowledge for an insertion of yoga methodologies and techniques, as a support to the process of growth and learning, active and aware, of children and young people in the professional and daily life field.


The program offers a didactic baggage with theoretical bases, tools, techniques and practices specific to Educational Yoga. In particular, it develops in the student an attitude, a motivation and a state of mind to help children and young people to find a quiet, authentic and deep listening to themselves, to discover and manifest their talents.

The course will also provide the notions, necessary for both the educator and the student, for a more profitable use of concentration techniques, recovery from stress fatigue and relaxation, in line with the MIUR National Indications and the new orientations of modern pedagogy and psychology that tend to favor a global, complete and harmonious formation of the entire personality.

Teaching methods

What's included

Participation in the "Annual Conference on Educational Yoga" in autumn

Internships with children and teenagers in the gyms of state and private schools

Possibility to practice Oki do yoga online at midweek hours.

Cultural Tuesdays: presentations of experiences in Educational Yoga by qualified instructors

Networking: Sharing Events to Groups of Educational Yoga Practices By Age Group

In-depth meetings with university professors and international Yoga experts.

Board and lodging (not included in the participation fee)

Freely managed lunch breaks in the restaurants and pizzerias of the place. There is the possibility of staying in b& b near the course location.

Discounts and scholarships

For teachers you can use the "teacher card" for the payment of the course. There are also facilities and scholarships for young students and unemployed, established following an interview.

Educational Yoga in Italian Schools

Today Educational Yoga is practiced throughout Italy by hundreds of children and young people, in more than 120 Comprehensive Institutes and High Schools.

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The Educational Yoga Course is officially recognized by the Ministry of Education, University and Research MIUR. AOODPIT. REGISTER OF DEPARTMENTAL DECREES D.D.R. 0000324.20-03-2019, inserted in the SOFIA-MIUR platform